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About us

The LEL Group is a European strategic alliance of distribution companies for chemicals, minerals, ingredients, natural and “green chemistry” products manufactured by a Principal. The privately owned LEL companies have a strong track record of successful technical sales development in every European country. Sales managers have a technical, industrial and commercial education to enable identification of the technical fit between product and application whilst fulfilling the buyer’s needs.

The LEL sales team of 120 technical experts provides a European technically driven, problem solving route to market for 8,000 speciality materials into many applications at more than 7,000 customers. LEL has access to key decision makers in companies of strategic importance to our Principals as well as generating sales from SME customers. LEL Group distributor sales across Europe are € 340 million per annum.

Purchasing of products from the Principal is arranged by an LEL Group company member alone or in conjunction with other LEL companies as required by the market opportunity. The LEL logistics operation ships 100,000 tonnes of cargo in containers and iso-tanks from Principals around the world into Istanbul, Barcelona, Genoa, Le Havre, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Felixstowe.

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LEL vision

"A global private and sustainable entity.
Creating opportunities from local innovative solutions benefitting customers, principals and stakeholders!


The LEL Group European strategic alliance was founded in 1999 and has proved to be a resounding success for Principals manufacturing speciality products and needing distribution in any number of European countries. If you wish your sales growth to be driven and cared for by a professional, energetic, transparent and market leading technical distribution team then contact us.

  • 1999

    LEL creation:
    Lavollée and C.H. Erbslöh

  • 2002

    1st supplier in
    common: Vanderbilt

    Turnover of LEL:
    € 134 mil

    Lake and Urai
    joined LEL

  • 2013

    joined LEL

  • 2019

    LEL Group celebrates
    the 20th anniversary

LEL today

  • 5 Member Companies
  • Privately owned companies
  • Financially independent
  • 23 Office Locations
  • 21 Warehouse Locations
  • Active in Europe, N. Africa and S. America
  • 340 Million € in Sales (95% Europe)
  • 20 Years track record
  • 350+ Employees
  • 100+ Account Managers
  • 7000+ Customers


Business model

If you wish to explore distribution opportunities in any country, contact the LEL Group company.